Prof. Dr. Orsolya Csiszar

Research Interests

  • eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)
  • Intelligent Decision-making
  • Machine Learning, Neural Networks
  • Fuzzy Logic and Continuous Logic
  • Aggregation


In English, German and Hungarian languages, on-campus, virtual and hybrid

  • Calculus
  • Linear Algebra
  • Differentialgeometry
  • Differential Equations, Systems of Differential Equations
  • Integraltransformations, Fourier-Analysis
  • Statistics and Probability Theory
  • Tutorium Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics for Electrical Engineering
  • Applied Mathematics for Industrial Engineering
  • Applied Mathematics for Computational Engineering
  • Preliminary Courses for first-year students
  • Workshop "Maths meets Artistry - Computer Animation"
  • Workshop "Non-euclidean Geometries"
  • Workshop "Coding for kids"

Most Important Projects

  • Smart-DATA in SmartPro
  • NextGenNDT, High-precision non-destructive testing in industrial production by means of new AI methods
  • Carl Zeiss Foundation MEMORI , Machine learning methods for determining functional properties of smart materials (development of innovative magnetic and battery materials)
  • MAP Health Watch - Signal Processing and Noise Filtering, Mobile Application


Mathematik 3
Mathematik 1
Mathematik 2


Fakultätsratin Faculty Elektronik und Informatik

Prof. Dr. Orsolya Csiszar

+49 7361 576-5567
G2 2.10