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Dear students and visitors

Welcome on the website of Aalen University of Applied Sciences - Technology and Ecomics. Thank you for your interest in our university.

This site provides important information and interesting news on studies, our services, international matters, research and transfer.

I invite you to navigate through our website and get a general and up-to-date overview on our diverse study programmes and services. We want you to feel at home at Aalen UAS. Located on the idyllic Ostalb, boasting a beautiful city center and various leisure time activities, Aalen is the ideal place for studying in Ostwürttemberg. Work life, leisure and recreation blend well here. And those who need a taste of big city life can always go on a trip to Stuttgart or Munich which are both just a short train ride away.

Be joyful and curious during your studies at Aalen UAS, take part in projects, work hard and don’t forget to have fun!

Your Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schneider





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