For Democracy and CosmopolitanismStatement of Aalen University of Applied Sciences

Teaching and research at Aalen University thrive on bringing together a wide variety of people. Foto: via

Th, 01. February 2024

It is with growing concern that we at Aalen University see the increasing hostility to democracy and the strengthening of racist ideas in some parts of our society. We, as a university, are an educational and research institution: our teaching and research thrive on the coming together of different international perspectives and cultural backgrounds. Our multicultural university community contributes significantly to the success of our work. That is why we are a member university of the „Cosmopolitan University“ campaign launched by the German Rectors‘ Conference.

Our co-operation is characterised by our values such as open-mindedness, respect and tolerance. Our degree programmes, faculties, research institutes, administration and central institutions, people of different ethnicities, religions and world views are to be found. We are proud of our diverse university community which forms an important basis for our work in teaching, research and knowledge transfer. Thus, we advocate, as a university community, for democracy and cosmopolitanism.

We, therefore, welcome the initiatives in the large district cities of the Ostalbkreis district that sets an example for solidarity, cosmopolitanism and tolerance. The images from Ellwangen and Schwäbisch Gmünd last weekend were impressive and encouraging. Aalen University is in favour of Aalen joining these demonstrations and setting an example for democracy and an open society next Saturday, 3rd February from 3 pm.