New in the teamThree questions for Srivarsha Madasu

New in the team: Srivarsha Madasu from Hyderabad / India. (Foto: privat)

We, 03. May 2023

We welcome Srivarsha Madasu to the LAZ team! The 27-year-old is from Hyderabad in southern India: The city has almost 7 million inhabitants and is 16 hours by plane and nearly 7000 km away from Aalen. She has obtained her Master‘s degree in Renewable Energy Systems at Hochschule Nordhausen. Formerly she worked as a student research assistant and for her master‘s thesis at Fraunhofer Institute of Production Technology Aachen. She has also worked as a student research assistant at Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems - Integrated Silicon Systems Division (ISS). In her spare time, she paints with watercolors and listens to music.

Andrea Heidel (AH): Welcome to Aalen University, Srivarsha! What brought you to Aalen? 

Srivarsha Madasu (SM): One of the additive manufacturing methods was the subject of my master's thesis. The current academic projects and technologies that captured my interest inspired me to join the LAZ team.

AH: Why would you consider doing your Ph.D. at LAZ? 

SM: I recently started working as a research assistant. As I worked with a few additive manufacturing technologies during my master's degree, including Laser Metal Deposition-Wire and Two Photon Polymerization. In order to advance my expertise in the field and prepare for a Ph.D., I find it intriguing to work with the specialized machines offered by the LAZ.

AH: Which tasks will you have here in the future, and what are you looking forward to the most?

SM: I focus on experiments and documentation for the laser additive manufacture of soft magnetic materials. I'm curious to learn more about the technology and applications of lasers.

AH: Good luck with your projects and at LAZ!