RCS welcomes Professor Orsolya Csiszár as new Group LeaderProfessor Orsolya Csiszár joins us next month as a Group Leader researching explainable AI methods for applications in complex systems

Th, 16. March 2023

We are delighted to welcome Professor Orsolya Csiszár as a new group leader in the RCS. Orsolya joins us from the School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. Orsolya's wide-ranging scientific interests are a perfect fit for the fundamental research nature of our research center. On joining the team, Orsolya comments:  "My group will be studying explainable artificial intelligence methods for applications in complex systems. My research focus will be on combining machine learning with existing knowledge, such as traditional rule-based approaches (neurosymbolic AI) and mathematical physics models (physics-informed computational methods). I am very excited at the expertise and international collaborations which will be possible within RCS, and across the whole Aalen University Campus. I cannot think of a better place to study the mathematics underpinning physical questions, and to try to take the results back to applied scientists."

To learn more about Orsolya and her work, please see the eXplainable Artificial Intelligence Systems group description.