New in the teamThree questions for Cornelia Bauer

Neu im LAZ-Team: Cornelia Bauer. (Foto: privat)

Th, 22. Dezember 2022

Cornelia Bauer recently joined the LAZ team. The 25-year-old newcomer from Aalen is studying for a master's degree in "Applied Photonics" at Aalen University. She previously completed a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics & physics at Nuremberg University of Technology. She answers three questions here in a lightning interview.

Andrea Heidel (AH): Where are you from and why are you studying in Aalen?

Cornelia Bauer (CB): I am originally from Breitengüßbach, near Bamberg. I am currently studying in the master's program "Applied Photonics" at Aalen University.

AH: And why did you decide to work at the LAZ?

CB: I found out about LAZ through fellow students. I find laser material processing exciting and wanted to work close to research. An institute like the LAZ is a good fit for me.

AH: What tasks will you have here in the future?

CB: I do simulations on laser application and the resulting temperature field.

AH: Thank you very much and welcome to the team!