Tiny, but Mighty, and above all, International15 master’s students from seven countries start their new academic year at Aalen University

Tiny but mighty: and above all, international start of a new academic year. Students and faculty from the part-time master’s program Vision Science and Business (Optometry). Photo: © Aalen University | Daniel Andres

We, 10. August 2022

At the end of July, the master's program Vision Science and Business (Optometry) started a new academic year for the 21st time at Aalen University. Prof. Dr. Anna Nagl was pleased to welcome the new students and once again emphasized the international and, above all, professional competence of this part-time optometry program at Aalen University.

Ocular anatomy, the joint development of clinical case studies and an in-depth introduction to abnormalities and diseases of the anterior and posterior segment of the eye, was the focus of the first face-to-face phase of this part-time master's program. Prof. Bina Patel and Dr. Kathleen Krenzer from the New England College of Optometry in the USA had traveled from Boston especially for this purpose: to share their expertise in theory and practice, which they had acquired over many years in lectures and practical courses.

After the first six days of attendance, all students agreed that the program was worth the time and energy, and that they were looking forward to seeing each other online after the summer break in September and then again on campus in October as part of this two-year course. Now the goal is to take the acquired extensive knowledge and skills home - to implement them and prepare for the first exam in early September.

The group of students coming from Germany, Switzerland, Nepal, India, Croatia, Slovenia and Palestine reflects the uniqueness of this part-time master's program at Aalen University as well as its international reputation.