Five Lectures for Aalen University at an International Conference in Athens

pictured left to right: Prof. Carsten Lecon, Marc Hermann, Prof. Christoph Karg, Sebastian Stigler, Marina Burdack

Tu, 04. June 2019

Aalen University was represented at this year’s „Annual International Conference on Information Technology & Computer Science” in Athens by five professors and research assistants: Marina Burdack, research assistant from the Management and Business Science department, as well as Professors Christoph Karg and Carsten Lecon and research assistant Marc Hermann and Sebastian Stigler from the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department. The content of the lectures was about IT-security, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, E-learning, real-time applications and research methods. Each lecture presented research projects developed in cooperation with the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Heidenheim. Fifteen countries represented themselves with lectures at the conference, with the majority coming from the USA, closely followed by Germany.

Carsten Lecon presented a project from the Computer Science in Media students Fabian Deuser and Hannah Schieber in his first lecture, which is focused on the detection (and corresponding adaptation) of kinetosis (motion sickness) in virtual reality environments due to eye movement.

Marina Burdack presented an innovative tool in the context of research methods, where NLP (natural language processing) and techniques of artificial intelligence can be applied.

Sebastian Stigler, together with Marina Burdack, investigated the processing power of the programming language Python, specifically concerning real time applications.

Christoph Karg set up a presentation from Till Hänisch from the Cooperative State University Heidenheim, which showed how to determine the probability of attack scenarios in IT-systems using Monte Carlo methods.   

Marc Hermann’s and Carsten Lecon’s presentation showed a flexible search function for learning courses generated by the “AdLeR” tool, which utilizes attributed grammar content and structural information to help when searching.

“Overall, the presentations of Aalen’s (Business) Computer Science were successful, with lively international exchange”, emphasised Prof. Lecon.