Aalen as a Guest in Südafrika Central University Bloemfontein is an important partner of Aalen University

Students from Aalen are greeted by Dr. Albert Strydom at the Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein in South Africa.

Th, 21. February 2019

Students and professors of Aalen University traveled to South Africa in February, in order to expand on the strategic partnership of both universities. Besides the intercultural experience, the visit also offered the opportunity to promote the simulation game VALU.

At the beginning of the year, four students from Aalen began studying at Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein (CUT) in South Africa: three students from the degree programme Industrial Engineering, Daniel Lindenlaub, Lars Schürrlein and Paul Heber, as well as Sarah Engelhorn, an International Business student. They were accompanied by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Holzbaur, professor of Industrial Engineering at Aalen University and honorary professor of the Business and Management department at CUT, as well as Prof. Dr. Ulrich Klauck, professor of computer science of Aalen University.

For the students, it was an exciting week.

After the registration, the lectures began immediately. The dean of the Business and Management department of CUT, Professor Dr. Albert Strydom also welcomed the students.

Collaborations met with Support

For Professor Holzbaur, the visit this time was short. Nevertheless, various colleagues were able to initiate projects regarding economics, tourism and research management. For example, experience from Aalen will help tackle the subject of Geoparks in South Africa

Through exchange with the International Office of CUT, topics like recognizing performance records were discussed. The internationalisation handbook, developed by Aalen University, also received a high level of interest. The CUT’s International Office director emphasised, how important Aalen is as a strategic partner.

A central point of discussion was also the further development of a business simulation game, VALU, developed by both universities. This project will help promote entrepreneurial and sustainable thinking and actions, and support start-ups. From two days of training, Professor Holzbaur was won over by the new design and system. The students from Aalen were also impressed. The simulation game will soon be used broadly in South Africa.

Photo Credits: © Hannetjie Louwrens Husselmann