Karl Amon Optometry Award 2018Katja Schiborr and Simon Hauser

Gruppenfoto Karl Amon Optometry Award 2018
Sa, 17. November 2018

Master theses with high practical benefit

Katja Schiborr and Simon Hauser receive the Karl Amon Optometry Award 2018

The Karl Amon Optometry Award was presented for the eleventh time in a row at Aalen University of Applied Sciences on Saturday as part of the bachelor's and master's letter presentation. This year, Katja Schiborr and Simon Hauser were awarded the prize, which is endowed with a total of 2,000 euros. The two Vision Science and Business (Optometry) graduates will receive the prize for outstanding scientific work with high practical benefits for the ophthalmic optics industry.

Aalen Over 50 bachelor's and master's letters were given to optician graduates of Aalen University on Saturday. This year the coveted Karl Amon Optometry Award was presented for the eleventh time in a row. Katja Schiborr and Simon Hauser from the part-time Master's program Vision Science and Business (Optometry) accepted the award during the official celebrations.

Katja Schiborr, also best of the year with a dream grade of 1.0, developed a test in her master's thesis that makes it possible to treat patients with craniocerebral trauma better and to support them in their visual ability to fix objects. She has used the Macular Integrity Tester, MIT - a test device for measuring fixation accuracy and fixation stability - for visual rehabilitation in her research and proves that patients who are trained with it can fixate better visually again. She has also developed a new visual fixation test for the skull-brain of people with brain damage that allows qualitative measurements and follow-ups to be performed on patients. Katja Schiborr's master thesis contributes to the better diagnosis and therapy of the affected patients.

In his master thesis, Simon Hauser investigated the effects of digitisation on the purchasing behaviour of spectacle wearers. Based on an online survey of 529 spectacle wearers throughout Germany, seven buyer profiles, so-called buyer personas, were derived and their probability that they will buy glasses online in the future was analysed. Hauser's thesis shows that the wearers of glasses differ significantly in their purchasing behaviour. Although the consulting and service component plays a very important role in the purchase of eyeglasses, the probability of buying eyeglasses on the Internet increases significantly if online retailers succeed in scoring points with innovative technologies and reduce the currently still high risk perception for buying eyeglasses on the Internet. It is therefore important for specialist opticians to develop solutions that help those customers who are open to buying their glasses online to bind them to the specialist optician with the aid of optometric services.

Image rights: Hochschule Aalen Peter Hoch

Contact details of the award winners:

Katja Schiborr


Seefeldstr. 13

97273 Kürnach

Simon Hauser


Luisenstrasse 24

76530 Baden-Baden

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