Developing Partnership with Japanese UniversityRepresenting Aalen University at the Osaka University of Economics and Law (OUEL) with a guest professorship

Engaged partner: Prof. Riichi Tabata, President of the Osaka University of Economics and Law (OUEL), and Prof. Dr. Ralf-Christian Härting of Aalen University (pictured right) exchange ideas about the shared cooperation.

Fr, 05. October 2018

Students, as well as teachers, benefit from collaborations between partner universities. Aalen University recently expanded on such a collaboration with the Osaka University of Economics and Law (OUEL) in Japan through the visiting professorship of Prof. Dr. Ralf Härting.

In the last year, Aalen University gained an engaged partner in the Osaka University of Economics and Law (OUEL) for exchange in teaching and research. With support from the International Relations Office, three students from the Management and Business Sciences faculty are coming into contact with OUEL. Included in the university cooperation are the coordination of teaching, projects and research on site. At the invitation of OUEL, Prof. Dr. Ralf-Christian Härting, professor of Information Systems in the field of Business Studies SME, visited Osaka for four weeks in the framework of a guest professorship.

Besides teaching and guest contracts, there were regular informational meetings regarding “Students at Aalen University”, as well as an intensive exchange of research topics. After a reception from the University President Professor Riichi Tabata, various discussions with the different faculties took place. Among these was the opening of the student exchange for part-time Management and Business Science students, and a short study programme at Aalen University. Härting also met Vice-president Professor Wakio Fujimoto and visited the Research Center of the OUEL, which combines research activities as an independent site. In the field of research, a collaborative project regarding the effects of new data protection regulations for small- and medium- sized enterprises (SME) was established. This project will benefit from the researchers of Kyoto University.

A visit to Nagoya, the third largest city in Japan, was the conclusion of the guest professorship. Nagoya University is one of the strongest traditional universities in the field of research in Japan. Professor Härting used the short residence to accept an invitation from Prof. Dr. Shuchiro Yamamoto of Nagoya University (Graduate School of Informatics) and initiated a further research project in the field of Enterprise Architecture Management as an integrated solution procedure for SME.

Photo Credits: © Osaka University of Economics and Law / Tetsuyu Doko