Students help internationallyPrizes given for international engagement at Aalen University

Foto: Preisverleihung an der  internationalen Weihnachtsfeier

At the first international Christmas party, three of the university’s highly engaged students were honored.

Tu, 19. Dezember 2017

At Aalen University’s first international Christmas party, three students received awards. The University’s International Center, made up of the International Relations Office, the Language Center, and the University’s nonprofit “International Society Aalen e.V. (ISA)” organized the event. Over seventy students, employees and professors attended.

Austin Bain receives the prize from the German Academic Exchange Service

Austin Bain received the German Academic Exchange Service’s (DAAD’s) 1,000 Euro prize for excellent performance of a foreign student. The American student in the master course “Advanced Materials and Manufacturing” was nominated by Prof. Dr. Dagmar Goll for his successful work in a complex and completely new subject. The project, “Magnetic Storage of Information in Steel Parts for Industry 4.0” is a contribution that will allow people to make tools with integrated information about the production process and logistics. Austin Bain contributed a strong scientific background and a lot of creativity while designing the experiments. Aside from that, Austin Bain helped other foreign students in his degree program. He also worked for the International Relations Office for a year, where he coordinated Buddy and Tandem Systems. He was a good point of contact for many international students who were just getting on their feet.

Melanie Rein and Monika Lempart get new prizes from ISA

The non-profit ISA gave new prizes to internationally engaged students this year: Melanie Rein from International Business got the „Buddy of the Year 2017“ prize. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Klauck, the chairman of ISA, awarded the prize. Melanie Rein qualified for the prize with her outstanding support of two international students in ISA’s Buddy Program. Monika Lempart, a student in Business Studies for Small and Medium Enterprises won the prize “Study Abroad – Experience and Share 2017.” She won, because she passed on her experiences from her semester abroad and managed to persuade her colleagues to go as well. She took part in info sessions, International Week at the Mensa, and testimonial videos. Prof. Dr. Harald Riegel, Vice President for International Affairs, awarded the prize. Both prizes came with 500 Euros apiece for the two students to enjoy.

The new international Christmas party impressed the visitors. In addition to the prizes, ISA made sure there was food and entertainment. A program consisting of musical, cultural, and literary components from the US, Czech Republic and South Africa framed the awarding of the prizes, which will be given every year from here on out.