International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS)Information Systems department presents a paper

Th, 14. Dezember 2017

The International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), the highest ranked conference in Information Systems, is taking place for the 38th time – this year in Seoul, South Korea. Prof. Dr. Ricardo Büttner from the Information Systems department at Aalen University presents initial results from his NeuroIS laboratory. His initial results demonstrate if neuroscientific methods can be used not just measuring physiological variables but also latent mental concepts such as satisfaction, stress or cognitive workload.

In his experiments, he used ten triangulated different neuroscientific indicators obtained via EEG (electro-encephalography), EDA (electro-dermal activity), eye tracking and mimic data from facial recognition.

The related paper is published in the ICIS 2017 proceedings:

Buettner, R.: Asking both the User’s Brain and its Owner using Subjective and Objective Psychophysiological NeuroIS Instruments. In: ICIS 2017 Proceedings: 38th International Conference on Information Systems, December 10-13, 2017, Seoul, South Korea.

You can also download the paper here.