Students simulate a United Nations conference sessionThe first topic of the UN Simulation Game: the refugee crisis

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A piece of New York in Aalen: at the UN simulation game a conference debate was played in English. Every participant represented one of 15 countries.

Mo, 12. June 2017

That day, Aalen University had a very special meeting take place: the first UN simulation game (HAS MUN for short). A UN conference debate was played in English. The event took place within the frame of the 2nd Simulation Game Day of East Wuerttemberg.

The Simulation Game Day was planned and executed by business engineering majors in their first and sixth semesters as well as by two Jordanian students from the German-Jordanian University, Amman. Every participant picked one of 15 UN countries and acted according to their political interests. The theme of the debate was the refugee crisis, how it influenced their respective countries, and what solution everyone would find agreeable. To prepare, the representatives were given time to research, and at the end, the state of the countries and the solutions were presented. The final resolution was that the affected countries should split the cost of supporting the refugees fairly. The more important issue was to combat the things causing the refugees to flee, like the Syrian War.

The UN Simulation Game didn’t just exemplify what a UN meeting looks like, but it also helped the participants strengthen their English language knowledge. Aalen University intends to plan the 3rd Simulation Game Day in 2018 around the topic of sustainable development. By doing this, the debates will touch on problems we face moving forward: tragedy of the commons, orientation towards the future, environmentalism, global learning, responsibility, entrepreneurship, integration, among other themes. It will take place on June 7th, 2018, the same day of Baden-Württemberg’s day of sustainability to foster networking of East Wuerttemberg actors of education for sustainable development.