Study Week in South AfricaStudents visit the Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein

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Mechanical engineering masters students visit BMW in Rosslyn, South Africa

Th, 11. May 2017

The Mechanical engineering part time master course from the Aalen University Academy for Further Education took 16 students to South Africa for their first foreign study week. The program consisted of a week of lectures and exciting trips.

On the Central University of Technology (CUT) campus, in Bloemfontein, the students received a friendly welcome from their professor for the week, Prof. Deseré Kokt. She spent four days explaining concepts important to human resource management and communication, “Personalführung” in German. In the syllabus of the German master program too, the interdisciplinary approach is stipulated in order to help prepare students for leadership positions after their master studies.

Aside from the lecture, the trips were just as exciting. At the beginning of the trip, they visited BMW in Rosslyn, where the students could watch the production of the 3 series of the car manufacturer. They also did a Safari in Pilanesberg, where luckily enough, they saw elephants, giraffes, cheetahs and zebras up close.

For Lisa Raimund, a master’s student in mechanical engineering, this trip was a boon to her studies: “Aside from the lectures, we had the opportunity to see the landscape and culture of South Africa. I think it was a great combination.”

To end the trip, the students went to Cape Town, where they saw one of the foundries belonging to Atlantis Foundries. A day trip to the Cape of Good Hope made for some unforgettable memories.

Everyone agreed that it was a good experience for the year, because you get to know people outside the lecture hall.