Best Paper Award 2016 goes to GTA!Foundry laboratory awarded at die casting congress in Atlanta

Prof. Dr. Kalien und Walter Leis mit dem Best Paper Award 2016 der NADCA

Tu, 25. October 2016

At this year’s die casting conference of NADCA (North American Die Casting Association), which was held in Atlanta in late September, the Best Paper Award 2016 went to the foundry laboratory of Aalen University. The title "Interaction of Creep and Aging Behaviors in Zinc Die Castings" was written by Prof. Lothar Kallien, Dipl.-Phys. Walter Leis and Dr. Frank Goodwin (International Zinc Association).

The NADCA-Best Paper Award is chosen by experts and chairman of the technical staff of NADCA. The excellent publications show a high level of technical performance and excellence in the further development of die casting.

Zinc die castings are subject to both aging and creep even at room temperature. A distinction is made between primary and secondary creep where the primary creep at all five investigated zinc alloys is very pronounced. Both creep processes were described mathematically, so the creep processes can be predicted with the models in the temperature range between room temperature and 100 ° Celsius.

The alloys examined include zamak alloys Z400, Z410, Z430 and the hypereutectic alloy ZA8 and a new eutectic alloy HF with high flowability. It was demonstrated that the alloy Z430 with 4% aluminum and 3% copper has the highest creep resistance.

All results are based on measured values from creep investigations of the foundry laboratory of Aalen University.