Integration of students through students15 years International Society Aalen e.V. at Aalen University

Sie sind Teil der International Society Aalen e.V. : Pascal Cromm, Prof. Dr. Dr. Ekbert Hering, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Klauck, Antje Discher und Prof. Dr. Dirk Flottmann (v.l.).

Th, 15. September 2016

Since 2001, the Association International Society Aalen e.V. (ISA), founded by students, staff and professors of Aalen University, acts to promote the integration of foreign students and to promote the internationalization of Aalen University: a fifteen-year success record.

At its annual general meeting, the non-profit association ISA e.V of Aalen University has now committed its fifteenth anniversary[RMWhite1] . Rector ret. and founding chairman Prof. Dr. Dr. Egbert Hering draws a balance, that can be seen at the the end of his fifth term as chairman . The association assisted [RMWhite2] about 1,000 foreign students in finding a suitable accommodation.

Foreign students profited from numerous scholarships and emergency assistances –and last but not least, the Buddy Program of Aalen University has been very successful in the last six years. This program is implemented and managed by ISA e.V.. Within the framework of the program German Students take care of foreign students over a period of 1 to 2 semesters and help their fellow foreign students to find their way in the new study environment and everyday life. “The Buddy Program has more than supported and promoted the internationalization activities of Aalen University," says Pascal Cromm, director of the International Relations Office of Aalen University.

Now a new era starts at the ISA e.V.. The former Chairman Hering, who was awarded with the Order of Merit for his service as Rector of Aalen University and, among other things, for his volunteer work in the ISA e.V. in 2009, already announced in advance to pass on the baton of the chairman.

Prof. Dr. Ernst Zwilling, longtime cash auditor, announced the same. The former deputy chairman, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Klauck has now been unanimously elected as the new chairman. With equally unambiguous results, Prof. Dr. Dirk Flottmann was elected deputy chairman of the ISA e.V. and Pascal Cromm and Antje Discher were reelected as treasurer and secretary respectively, and the professors Dr. Jürgen Strauss and Dr. Ralf Härting were newly elected as cash auditors.

Starting in 2017, the ISA e.V. wants to donate two annual prizes for students. The new board will deliberate about the award criteria in autumn. In addition, ISA e.V. wants to increase the use of its possibilities to provide scholarships and if necessary emergency aid for students of Aalen University.

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