Target qualifications of the SME Management Master programme

The SME Management Master programme teaches graduates how to carry out management and executive duties in small business. Much emphasis is placed on qualifying the students for assessing and independently implementing business ideas. Students can acquire detailed specialist knowledge in latest practical management methods and cross-cutting skills which they apply in various local and international collaborations, case studies and practice-oriented projects. The curriculum of the SME Management Master programme is marked by a great set of options available for students. For instance, students can look closer into areas such as innovation management and persistence to develop individual problem-solving strategies. Graduates have obtained the following skills:

      • Graduates have acquired specific knowledge of management and can apply it in executive functions in small businesses.
      • Graduates can solve problems on their own, using social skills acquired in projects carried out and based on case studies.
      • They are also able to skilfully negotiate and therefore prove themselves in the free market.
      • Graduates apply analytic methods to grasp complicated processes and describe, analyse, explain and assess connections.
      • After completing the Master thesis, graduates are prepared for academic work and critical thinking.
      • They are able to defend their results and to convincingly present sophisticated subjects in speech and writing.