Welcome to the Bachelor programme Healthcare Management

Anyone working in healthcare is facing more and more difficult tasks. Health insurance companies, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in particular have to deal with how to generate more revenue - and what to spend their money on. Staff has to be prepared in order to fulfil these tasks; this applies to management as well as to nursing staff. The industry is looking for staff that is well versed in the German healthcare system and in commercial thinking while not losing the human touch.

It’s exactly these skills that students of the Bachelor programme Healthcare Management acquire.

This is what makes the programme special:

  • Our teaching content is practice-oriented and can therefore easily be applied in work life
  • While studying you still have time to work in your job and integrate practical experience into your studies

This is thanks to the study schedule:

  • You spend one week at UAS Aalen and visit lectures, seminars and exercises every day from 8.00 to 18.45 hours. This is what is called the ‘block week’.
  • Your second week has no scheduled lectures. You have time for your job, internship or self-learning routines

This way you can perfectly combine studying and working.

Don’t worry: It is not necessary for you to have worked in healthcare before starting the programme and if you already have a job, you should not have to leave it in order to study.

The programme starts each winter semester on 1 October. You then will acquire your Bachelor’s degree after three years of studying and one year of internship. UAS Aalen also offers the consecutive Master programme Master of Healthcare Management if you wish to develop your skills even further and gain more knowledge.

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