Betreuung von Dissertationen

Supervision of dissertation projects

Prof. Dr. Ulrich supervises dissertation projects. If you are interested, please apply by e-mail with a letter of motivation, CV and the usual certificates and documents. As Adjunct Professor (PD) at the University of Bamberg, Prof. Dr. Ulrich is able to act as an examiner in dissertation projects. Furthermore, there are cooperations with other universities. Another possibility is the official cooperative doctoral program of the Faculty of Economic Sciences with the Newcastle Business School (contact person here is Prof. Dr. Rieg).

Current doctoral students

  • Alexandra Fibitz: Digitalization and business model innovations
  • Vanessa Frank: Digital transformation in reporting
  • Ulrich Neidenberger: Performance management of production networks
  • Benjamin Nothacker: Agile product management
  • Daniel Noto: AI in management accounting
  • Alexander Sprengel: Control of digitization projects
  • Alice Timmermann (EQUA Scholarship Recipient): Risk management in family businesses
  • Anjuli Unruh: Compliance management in family businesses with a focus on anti-corruption compliance

Joint supervisions

  • Nicole Bartosch (second supervision at the Technical University of Dortmund; first supervisor is Prof. Dr. Andreas Hoffjan): Compliance in SMEs
  • Matthias Nolte (second supervision at the University of Bamberg; first supervisor is Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Becker): The role of management accounting in digitization

Completed doctorates

  • Dr. Tim Botzkowski (University of Bamberg, second examiner): Business model innovations in medium-sized companies
  • Dr. Hasan Andac Güler (University of Bamberg, second examiner): Digitization of operational controlling processes
  • Dr. Stefan Rech (University of Bamberg, second examiner): Service controlling
  • Dr. Eva Reitelshöfer-Hendel (University of Bamberg, third examiner): Strategic currency risks
  • Dr. Oliver Schmid (University of Bamberg, third examiner): Role of the chief digital officer (CDO) in the digital transformation of companies
  • Dr. Felix Schuhknecht (University of Bamberg, second examiner): Performance management in the digital world
  • Dr. Maria Wolf (University of Bamberg, second examiner): Management decisions and stress

Doctoral seminars

There are currently several internal doctoral seminars of Prof. Ulrich at Aalen University each year. The doctoral students of Prof. Ulrich also participate in the BW-CAR doctoral college and other cooperative doctoral colloquia with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Becker (University of Bamberg) and Prof. Dr. Stefan Behringer (IFZ Zug, Lucerne University).

Cooperation partners

  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Becker (University of Bamberg)
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Behringer (IFZ Zug, Lucerne University)
  • Prof. Dr. Ricardo Büttner (University of Bayreuth)
  • Prof. Dr. Carmen Finckh (Reutlingen University)
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Hiebl (University of Siegen)
  • Prof. Dr. Robert Rieg (Aalen University)

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Prof. Dr. habil. Patrick Ulrich

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