An Investigation of the Deep Drawing Behavior of Automotive Aluminum Alloys at Very Low Temperatures

von Wolfgang, Rimkus

R. Schneider,  R. J. Grant,  J. M. Schlosser,  W. Rimkus,  K. Radlmayr,  F. Grabner,  Ch. Maier

Metallurgical and Materials Transactions (Journal)

Sheet metal aluminum alloys in the 5000 and 6000 series show increased formability if deformed at sub-zero temperatures which is beneficial for processing industries using sheet metals where evermore highly complex-shaped components are produced. In order to evaluate a cryogenic forming process, the temperature-dependent forming limits of the selected materials need to be known. For this determination, a device has been developed which allows deep drawing operations with circular specimens at cryogenic temperatures. The limiting drawing ratio (LDR) of the commercial aluminum alloys EN AW-5182 and EN AW-6016 are investigated in a temperature range from 298 K to 77 K. It is shown that the deep drawing behavior of both materials is generally enhanced at very low temperatures, although the LDR of the EN AW-6016 alloy increases only at temperatures T ≤ 77 K. Furthermore, using mathematical formulations and numerical (finite element) simulations the influence of friction on the punch forces could be predicted. The calculated results and experimental data are compared, and then subsequently discussed.