• C. Feuchter et al., Flow simulations of air filter media containing nanofibers, Filtech Conference, October 22 – 24, 2013 Wiesbaden – Germany

  • C. Feuchter and Rainer Handel, Aeroacoustic simulations of air intake systems, Automotive Acoustics Conference 2013, 2nd International ATZ Conference in Zürich

  • C. Feuchter, Lattice-Boltzmann Methods and their Application, CFD Conference 2013 Behr GmbH, Stuttgart

  • C. Feuchter and G. Baelz, Geometrical treatment of filter media microstructures, 5. Symposium Industrielle Geometrie, HFT Stuttgart, 2013

  • C. Feuchter, The simulation of fluid and particle dynamics for air cleaner filter media, 11. Symposium Textile Filter : 6. und 7. März 2012, Chemnitz

  • C. Feuchter et al., Flow and particle simulations of air cleaner filter media on microscopic scales, Filtech Conference, March 22 – 24, 2011 Wiesbaden – Germany

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