Aalen International Student Network

Application for the ISA Buddy Program

Spice-up your world by joining the Buddy Program!

What is the Buddy Program?
The Buddy Program is a project that aims to welcome and assist all international students during their stay in Aalen so that their orientation, adjustment and integration into the area is made easier.

What do we offer?

  • Intercultural training
  • Cultural exchange
  • International Network
  • Social credit points (Studium generale)
  • Attractive support program (excursions, parties)
  • Certificate of volunteering
  • Opportunity to exchange languages
  • Chance to become a Buddy of the year (ISA prize)
  • Exciting and fun cutting edge events

As a Buddy, you

  • establish contact and keep in touch with your Buddy even before their arrival (and after their departure too!)
  • help international students to get familiar with their new city in the first few days of arrival
  • must attend an Intercultural Training with your Buddy before the start of classes
  • support them in the integration and orientation process
  • introduce your Buddy to  students’ life in Aalen
  • are expected to attend minimum two Buddy Events which the IRO organized by the IRO
  • assist your Buddy to learn German and to adapt to the  local culture
  • help your Buddy to  improve their German language skills

 Join our Buddy Program! Apply now!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Email: Buddy@hs-aalen.de

The registration for the Buddy Program in Winter 2023 is currently closed.