Material properties of ultra-high strength aluminium alloys: a comparative study of various material suppliers; M. Schmiedt, J. Schlosser, R. Schneider, W. Rimkus, D. K. Harrison; International Aluminium Journal, vol. 96, 2020: pp. 61-63

von Wolfgang, Rimkus

In the present work the influence of industry- standard heat treatment on ultra-high strength aluminium alloys has been investigated under terms of various forming processes. For this purpose, a scaled side impact beam was formed out of AA7075 via Hotforming and W-Temper techniques and subjected to a heat treatment process. The test material was taken from several material suppliers in order to identify any variation of the mechanical properties. Based on uniaxial tensile tests the final material properties were evaluated and compared. Using the W-Temper and Hotforming process, the parts produced without a subsequent heat treatment show no influence concerning the suppliers. A significant difference of the material behaviour can be seen if single-step paint bake cycle is applied. Here, the ultimate tensile strength (UTS) values and those for yield strength vary up to 9% and 16% respectively.