Miniaturization of an optical 3D sensor by additive manufacture of metallic mirrors

von Andreas, Heinrich

A. Sigel, M. Merkel, A. Heinrich, Proc. SPIE 10329, Optical Measurement Systems for Industrial Inspection X, 103290Q; doi:10.1117/12.2269801; 2017

Based on progress in the field of additive manufacturing optical components can now be printed with rapid prototypingtechnologies. In this contribution the possibilities of rapid prototyping for optical metrology are exemplified by thefabrication of miniaturized reflectors and the construction of a miniaturized metrology system designed for an industrialmetrology application.

Focusing on the manufacturing and post processing steps the process chain to fabricate the miniaturized mirror isdescribed. This includes an evaluation of the mirror based on roughness measurements. The reflectors are later utilized ina miniaturized sensor system to scan the interior of small pipes. The additively manufactured mirror is used in themetrology system to create a defined sampling signal within the cavity. Thereby the sensor system generates a pointcloud of the internal surfaces using a 3D acquisition algorithm based on the laser triangulation principle. Part of thiscontribution will be the setup, the 3D acquisition and calibration principle as well as an evaluation of the metrologysystem. To optimize the point cloud acquisition three different hardware setups were designed using different camerasand calibration algorithms. These three approaches are evaluated and compared.