"Aalen University is top-class in Economic Sciences!"According to the latest CHE-Ranking, all ranked studies are considered to be part of the best ones in Germany

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AALEN "Aalen is top-class in Economic Sciences! With all of our Bachelor Programs we are positioned among the leading group in relevant criteria - no other University of Applied Sciences in Germany achieves such an outstanding positioning. This reflects the high quality of our programs and the great satisfaction of our students", explains Prof. Dr. Ingo Scheuermann, Dean of the Faculty of Economics at Aalen University. "Despite strong competition, I am particularly pleased with the excellent placement of our Business Programs among the Top 7 Universities of Applied Sciences. This includes our Bachelor Program in Business Studies for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises as well as the Program in International Business Studies".

The Faculty of Economics at Aalen University, with over 2.000 students, achieved top positions in the CHE-Ranking, both in the student survey and in the fact-oriented criteria, such as the general study situation, contact with professional practice and support by the beginning of the studies.

Top scores for Economics at Aalen University

Excellent results were achieved by Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems. Both faculties have secured a place among the top five Universities of Applied Sciences in categories, such as teaching support, course offerings in general and student support. Industrial Engineering achieved top scores in the student evaluations in the categories of interpersonal atmosphere between students and professors, as well as the relation to professional practice. Among the students of Business Information Systems, the support in studying abroad and in organization related questions was particularly acknowledged. The program in Business Psychology, which was only introduced in 2018, was able to convince through close relations to professional practice and a great support by the beginning of the studies.

"We are continuously developing our courses of study and have firmly anchored important future topics in the fields of Industry 4.0, Data Science, Entrepreneurship/Innovation, Governance, Behavioral Economics and Health Systems, not only in in research, but also in teaching throughout recent years" stated Dean Scheuermann. "We have also promoted numerous other cooperations abroad and are increasingly digitalizing studies in all areas. Students are able to continuously benefit from these developments. Especially in the current situation, as we have seamlessly converted the entire course of study to online lectures".

“Waldcampus” improves spatial situation

Compared to the last ranking three years ago, the study programs have further improved in terms of contact with professional practice and support by the beginning of the studies. The only area in which students see potential for optimization is in the spatial situation on campus. The University has already reacted to this. Thanks to the support of the city of Aalen and the state of Baden-Württemberg, the “Waldcampus” will soon have its own state-of-the-art building for all Economic Sciences. Construction is just starting this year. "This will ensure the best possible learning and working conditions for the students of Economics, which reflects the innovative character of our University", says Rector Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schneider.

The results are an incentive for Aalen University to further strengthen and expand these top positions.

The CHE-Ranking is the largest and best-known University Ranking in the German-speaking world. It includes more than 300 Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. This year, the subjects of Business, Business Information Systems, Industrial Engineering and, for the first time, Business Psychology were evaluated. The ranking provides prospective students with comprehensive information on faculties and courses of study. However, it also contains ranking assessments of around 150,000 students and 9,000 professors who have assessed their University in the areas of international orientation, labor market and professional training.

The results can now be found in the new ZEIT study guide 2020/2021 or online at www.zeit.de/che-ranking