Business Studies in Aalen is first-classAalen University of Applied Sciences is one of Germany's top 10 performers in the field of teaching

Di, 29. Januar 2019

Aalen The quality of teaching at German universities has recently been a much-discussed topic in the public eye again. A few days ago, the Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung (CHE) (Centre for Higher Education Development) provided an answer to this question with its publication on the subject of teaching quality. The results at subject level show a differentiated but positive picture of the teaching performance of German universities in European competition. The results of the study also show methodological weaknesses in the acknowledged Europe Teaching Ranking of the Times Higher Education (THE), which suggests a need for action in the teaching of German higher education institutions, but does not take a subject-related view of the teaching quality for individual subjects or study programmes. Instead, it only refers to entire higher education institutions. Moreover, teaching at universities of applied sciences and private business schools is not included in the data collection of the THE Ranking.

The analysis carried out by the CHE to assess teaching at German universities is based on the results of the international, multidimensional university ranking U-Multirank, published in 2018. The quality of teaching was examined using six indicators in the area of study and teaching. These include the supervision ratio, the proportion of finished bachelor's degrees in the standard period of study, the students' view of the organisation of study programmes, the quality of courses and contact with lecturers as well as general student satisfaction.

The Top Performers in Germany

In the field of business studies, the Aalen University of Applied Sciences ranks among Germany's top ten "top performers" in teaching quality. The top 10 universities are distinguished by very good results in the six selected teaching indicators. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and its Dean Prof. Dr. Ingo Scheuermann are delighted with the very good results: "We attach great importance to a high level of satisfaction among our students in the areas of study and teaching. Therefore, close contact between students and lecturers and a very high practical orientation are a matter of course for us and we always strive for a high level of quality in our courses. This only works with a good organisation of the study programmes".

The results also show that there is still some room for improvement for business studies in Aalen. "Thanks to the constant further development of our study programmes and the forthcoming appointment of new professors, we will soon improve our supervision ratio and the proportion of finished bachelor's degrees in the standard period of study," says Dean Scheuermann confidently.

The complete results of the CHE publication can be found online at: