In an era of Artificial Intelligence, where many processes related to education can be delegated to the Learning Algorithms, teachers and students round the globe are radically challenged to reinvent their roles from the scratch. The lecture familiarizes the participants with the concepts of entrepreneurial intellection, which emphasizes on holistic (gray) perception that saves human intellection from prospective existential singularities and polychromatic (white) thinking, which protects it from impending noetic singularities. It presents the concept of Entrepreneurial Education, which is driven by intrinsic learning motivations and directed towards entrepreneurial outcomes, an educational process apparently suitable for the Age of Acceleration, in which entrepreneurial job opportunities are expected to abound. The lecture also takes cues from teaching Entrepreneurial Physics to the students of different engineering disciplines at Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology, India. 

Dozent: Prof. Dr.-Ing Varghese Panthalookaran


- Diese englischsprachige Gastvorlesung des International Centers findet im Rahmen des „Global Competences Programm“ statt.

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