Prof. Dr. habil. Andre Mastmeyer

»Since the availability of powerful graphics cards (GPUs) in 2010, deep learning and virtual reality are increasingly being researched in the fundamentals. Meanwhile, the robust applicability of these key technologies is often still in question. In particular, methods for multidimensional image data (e.g. 3D/4D/nD images) from medicine and material sciences are in the focus of attention in Aalen. With the connection to the emerging Centre for Machine Learning (MLZ) at the University of Applied Sciences Aalen, new paths are to be taken here.«

Prof. Dr. André Mastmeyer, 2019

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Burren Campus
Anton-Huber-Straße 25
73430 Aalen GERMANY
Room G1 2.11
+49 7361-576-4567

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Data analysis in health care (Medical Data Science)
Computer Science
Virtual reality


Fakultätsratin Faculty Optik und Mechatronik
Stellvertretender Studienkoordinatorin Course Digital Health Management

Hsaa 1

Prof. Dr. habil. Andre Mastmeyer

+49 7361 576-4567
G1 211