Faculty Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

We at the faculty for Electrical Engineering and Information Technology are constantly developing our study programmes with respect to teaching content and practice orientation. A further feature we consider crucial for our programmes is their job market relevance. We aim at providing our students with an ideal environment for professional and personal development.

Our quality standards comply with those of Aalen University. The quality management system is a faculty organ and conciliates the university-wide quality management and the requirements of the individual study programmes.

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Schema des Qualitätsmanagementsystems der Fakultät Elektronik und Informatik

Quality management processes

There are regular meetings with the central university organs of quality management to guarantee teaching quality and to tap the full potential of synergies at the university. In these meetings, possible improvement strategies and the current situation of the individual study programmes are discussed.

The faculty works with short-interval quality loops. For issues concerning the study programmes, a regular professor meeting takes place. Professors and elected student representatives meet regularly in student commissions and critically analyse the processes and contents of the study programmes. Changes which are agreed upon at the meetings, are passed by the elected faculty representatives in the faculty council.

The industry provides us with feedback on our programmes at meetings for electrical engineering and information science.

Quality in teaching

To constantly improve their lectures, our professors and lecturers receive feedback on their courses from their students at regular intervals.

Dean of the faculty: Prof. Dr. Winfried Bantel

Vice Dean of the faculty: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Seelmann

Dean of Electronics: Prof. Dr. Martina Hofmann

Dean of Computer Science: Prof. Dr. Christian Heinlein

Dean of Internet of Things: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Schüle

Dean of Computer Science (Master): Prof. Dr. Detlef Küpper

Dean of Advanced Systems Design: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiner Steinhart

For issues concerning teaching and studies, the faculty council appoints a student commission. It consists of appointed professors and students. There is one student commission for computer sciences and electronical engineering each.

The aim of our common efforts is to improve our teaching and research tconstantly, so that our students receive a profound and future-oriented training.

Aalen University is among a group of 30 universities of applied sciences (UAS) in Germany (total number around 430) that successfully passed the system accreditation process.


As an accredited UAS, the university is certified to have an excellent and sustainable quality management system. In the next few years, the university can accredit its bachelor and master programmes autonomously. Industry experts (to rate the practise orientation) and experts from other universities (to rate the technical knowledge) are asked for feedback as well. 

Akkreditierung unserer Studiengänge:

Electronical Engineering

accredited until 2020

Computer Science

accredited until 2020

Media Computer Science

accredited until 2020

Software Engineering

accredited until 2020


accredited until 2020

Internet of Things

accredited until 2021

Computer Science (Master)

accredited until 2021

Advanced Systems Design

accredited until 2021