Find everything related to your academic paper: the Citavi reference management software helps you create your citations and bibliography.

Using a thesaurus and dictionaries, you will find the right search strings for your subjects. Then you may upload your finished paper on OPUS and view already published papers!

OPUS provides options for publishing and permanently archiving academic papers to all members of the university - teachers or students.

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Citavi helps you manage your bibliography, search in library catalogues and specialised databases, organise information, collect citations and automatically create standardised bibliographies in different citation styles.

The Aalen University of Applied Sciences has acquired a campus license from Citavi.

For further support, ask your contact person in the library:

From Citavi 5 to Citavi 6 in five steps:

  1.  Learn about new features, changes, and the upgrade process.
  2.  Download the Citavi 6 setup.
  3.  Unistall previous Citavi versions. Your projects and settings will remain unaffected.
  4.  Install Citavi 6 and log in with your Citavi account data. Signing up for Citavi is a replacement for the previous process of entering license data. Please use your university e-mail address. Forgot your password? You can reset it using the login form.
  5. The Start Wizard will help you convert your old projects into the new Citavi 6 format. When you open your Word document for the first time, Citavi´s Word add-in will copy it and convert the included fields into Citavi 6.

Help and support for working with Citavi 6

This manual contains detailed information on installation and licensing (Attention: Aalen University has a campus license!), on how Citavi works and on materials, and you will also find a FAQ link.

Learn about Citavi 6 from these video tutorials.

Please note that the Word add-in for Citavi 6 is currently not compatible with LibreOffice.

You want to work with Citavi 5

  • Download the Citavi installation file (Citavi 5.7)
  • For a Citavi account, please, register with your universtity email address.
  • The Citavi account contains your license data and the information on how to enter it into Citavi.

What is the fastest way to learn about Citavi 5?

  • Quick installation and licensing guide

Here you will find quick help for Citavi 5

Hint: You can scan texts with a scanning pen (C-pen) and store them in Citavi as citations or otherwise. C-pens can be borrowed at the Service Point.

Legal notice on the use of Citavi:

The software is used exclusively at the request and responsibility of the user under the conditions stipulated by the software provider.