Working and studying properly needs to be learned!

Dear Students,

in my function as dean of the department of Business Management for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises I would like to welcome you as a visitor on our website or maybe even as a future student of our university. As I teach economic statistics, I know that pictures often say more than a thousand words. Therefore, I would like to give you a few minor recommendations by showing you the following pictures that you may, perhaps, take to heart when you will be going to our university.

Thumb 1

Your degree programme will certainly start at full vigour!

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Things will still look easy and you will be highly motivated.

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But then you may face harsh winds during your first few semesters, owing to insufficient preparation. Maybe you'll even lack a bit of motivation at that point?

The Basics Centre founded at the Aalen University of Applied Sciences in late 2011 will certainly be able to help you in case of insufficient preparation. Required mathematics for business management are conveyed by this basics centre to help make the transition from school to university.

The staff of the Central Students Service can certainly help you.

If you still have any questions, I will gladly contact you.There are many arguments in favour of joining the Business Management for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises degree programme at the Aalen University of Applied Sciences.They may be summarised by transforming theoretical basics into a very practice-oriented education. Oh, and I almost forgot the most important thing:

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Your motivation!?!

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Throughout the years, I experienced that some students tend to constrain themselves too much. Try to overcome these barriers in your mind!

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If you successfully accomplished the first few semesters and your practical semester, you are well prepared for professional life on account of our long-standing experience.

Your goal doesn’t have to be to climb Mount Everest or the K2, so to speak, but to master master less high mountains happily and contently.

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Maybe we’ll meet again in summer at an Aalen Team Run. So not only enjoy the run but also your studies at Aalen UAS. I wish you good luck!

Kind regards

Jürgen Stiefl