Degree programme

In the Business Management for SME Bachelor programme, you graduate from a basic programme for your first vocational degree. Detailed knowledge of business management and economics and even business applications of computer science is conveyed, placing the emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises. You may serve your personal interests by individually selecting enhancing subjects. In addition to the compulsory subjects, there are optional subjects available, including some from other programmes. In addition, the degree programme allows you to finish a semester abroad at any of our 75 partner universities without delay or to attain a double graduation.

Qualification targets

  • Modular curriculum with different modes of teaching and examining (lecture, project and seminar, among other things)
  • Excellent collaborations with the industry and distinct practical approaches in education
  • On-site lectures at high levels of teaching and learning
  • Small teams and informal atmosphere
  • Personal exchange between student and lecturer

Structure and didactic concept

  • You have a pronounced judgement with regard to the basic functioning of business processes and of companies.
  • Graduates have mastered the principles of internal and external accounting (accounting, financial statements, KLR, controlling) and know the fundamentals of German law.
  • You are able to independently develop questions about problems of business management in the areas of financing, investment, marketing, organisation or HR, to draw logical conclusions and to defend them with sound arguments.
  • Using quantitative methods and approaches (economic mathematics, statistics, OR, business applications of computer science) you can solve abstract questions.
  • You are able to apply business management know-how to real problems in small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Graduates have attained a basic leadership skill, that is, they are able to critizise their own management style and to adapt to changes. They also show good communication and presentation skills as well as a high degree of teamwork capacity.
  • You are able to plan and control sophisticated projects.
  • Graduates can express themselves in business-fluent English.